Why Us?

“Ni grama dramy” was developed by a creative team of Odesa residents who created the brand on the basis of social entrepreneurship. We have already raised more than 6 million UAH, which we have used to buy machinery, equipment and many other things that are now absolutely necessary for Our Glorious Armed Forces.
Our collection is the way to not only raise money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (yes, all!!!! the profit will be directed at our military), but also to thankfully present you with something you will wear with great pleasure. To create this collection, we have involved many talented Ukrainian designers and illustrators, whose are we seek to spread. The collection will be replenished with new super-prints.
Yes, unfortunately, the reason for our brand to appear was the war. But it is not the reflection of the war. On the contrary, we conceived it as a symbol of confidence in our victory. As a symbol of pride, dignity, love and beauty – everything that awaits us after we liberate and rebuild the cities, come back to our homes and turn over a new leaf for happy and prosperous Ukraine.
We don’t know exactly when it happens, but we are sure that our merch will be with you all this time. It will look like new (if you take good care of it) and fill you with inspiration, warmth and love.